Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Android Game "Block Drop" Released

Just released my Android game "Block Drop" - here is a description of the game:

A match-3 style game where colored blocks appear at the top of the game board and make their way towards the bottom.  Simply touch the screen to drop the block - match 3 blocks of the same color either vertically or horizontally to clear them, earn points, and eventually advance to the next level.  Each new level increases the speed of game play and difficulty.

Lock blocks can only be cleared by advancing to the next level.  Special items have a small chance to appear to aide in removing blocks:

- Lightning Block:  Removes all blocks of the same color
- Hammer:  Removes all blocks in a single column

The game is over when the player block inevitably collides with blocks already seated.

Can you keep up with the speed at the higher levels?

The light version of the game contains no ads only imposes a 3-level limit.

Google Play Link:  Here

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