Friday, July 27, 2012

Drop Block Version 2.0 Relased!

A lot of exciting changes happened in the latest version, specifically the fact that you can now unlock up to 25 different achievements in the game!  This adds another level of playability to the game, especially for those of you that like to chase after that achievement score.

Achievements are all tracked through the Scoreloop system, so it's the same repository that holds the global and daily leaderboards.  Many of the achievements that can be unlocked relate to clearing 5 or more of the same block color or advancing to higher levels - however, I would love to hear feedback on additional achievements for the future as I'm open to suggestions so leave a comment here or shoot me an email.

Another change for 2.0 for the Lite version: I've removed the level restriction that existed in the previous versions in favor for light advertisement placement.  I feel that this can help generate a small amount of revenue for all of the time I spent into trying to create a complete and polished game, continue to provide updates, and also present other free games to players in a non-agressive manner.  The tradeoff now is that there isn't a level restriction anymore, so those that don't mind a small ad banner at the bottom of the game field can play with just as many features as the full version.  Those that really hate ads are more than welcome to purchase the full version for a mere dollar.

The last change with this version has to do with the various user interface enhancements.  First, the Title Screen was given a bit of life with some tween animation of the text and buttons.  There are also 4 social network buttons at the top for those that would like to stay connected with changes/updates/etc... those being links to my Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and YouTube profiles.  The pause menu and game over menu also received a small facelift with cleaner looking buttons and the addition of options such as restarting a game, going to the title menu, or showing the instructions.

A lot of work went into this version and I felt very good about it in the end.  Provide some feedback if you like and don't forget to submit a rating into the Google play store if you like the game.

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